2022-2023 Parent & Student Handbook

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2022-2023 Handbook

Hi there!  Welcome to the BDCS Community. Season 13 begins on Monday, August 15th!  So hard to believe the new season is already upon us.  Today we release the 2022 -2023 Parent and Student Handbook.

Over the years, I have received many questions from parents and students.  Often, the questions are repetitive and I found myself replying to an email or phone call with the same answer multiple times a day.  I started to take note of the questions and documented them in my journal.  I took these and put together a one-stop place for our studio families to go to get the answers to all their questions.  The Parent & Student handbook.

Today I’m releasing the 2022-2023 Season Parent & Student Handbook!  This is your one stop shop to find out everything you need to know about Season 13. Grab you copy by clicking the link below.  The handbook includes the following information.  All right at your fingertips!

1 – Introduction

2 – Studio Manifesto

3- Covid 19- Information

4- Registration

5- Communication

6 – Important Dates

7 – Code of Conduct

8 – Age Groups

9 – Safety

10 – Privacy

11 – Schedule

12 – Uniform

13 – Fee Structure

14 – Attendance

15 – Social Media

16 – Teachers / Faculty

The Parent & Student Handbook is meant to be a resource, however please remember the team at BDCS is always here for you.  So if you ever need us, just reach out!

Don’t forget to grab your copy of the handbook by clicking the link below! Or you can Click Here to view the handbook in the parent portal.

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