A style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical, and classical ballet. Contemporary dance connects the mind and the body through fluid dance movements.  Lyrical expresses the music being played with fluid movements and gestures.  Both are three dimensional spatially and offer more range of motion for the dancer.  Students  learn various styles of movement to include, Horton, Limón,  catch and release, fall and recover.  

Hip hop developed from several cultures, including jazz, rock, tap and American and Latino cultures. Hip hop is a dance style, usually danced to hip hop music that evolved from hip hop culture. The first dance associated with hip hop was break dancing. While break dancing consists primarily of moves executed close to the ground, the majority of hip hop moves are done standing up.  Hip Hop uses body isolations and style to interpret beats within the music.  

Your "Get It Right The First Time" Guide

Your "Get It Right The First Time" Guide

An advanced ballet form that requires years of technical study, precision and body placement.  Students wishing to dance on pointe should take a minimum of two ballet classes per week to gain the strength, technique and skill required to become a pointe dancer.  A prerequisite to this course is pre-pointe to strengthen a dancer's ankles and feet.  

Hip Hop

Preschool Dance

A classical style of expressive dance based on precise conventional steps with gestures.  Movements are graceful, fluid and typically leads to a theatrical representation of a story.   Students enrolled in ballet learn both classical and contemporary ballet styles.  Ballet is is the foundation of all dance forms and all students are encouraged to learn ballet technique.  It increases success in other classes and reduces the risk of injury to a dancer.

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We inspire students to reach beyond their expectations to achieve the highest rewards.  Encouraging. Passionate. Innovative. Supportive. Community.  All words we believe are the heart of our dance program.  Words we instill in our staff, faculty, and students.  Be involved, don't miss an opportunity to be apart of something unforgettable!


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Showcases a dancer's individual style and originality. Personal interpretation and execution is encouraged. This style of dance is very energetic, fun, consists of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps, and quick turns.  This class works on coordination and speed.  It challenges students to apply technique in combinations and routines learned in class. 


Tap uses rhythms and beats with the feet. It can be done acapella or with music.  Tap is historically part of musicals and Broadway shows, movies and TV entertainment.  However, tap has evolved and changed into more contemporary movement.  Students are challenged to find new ways of making rhythms and sounds with the feet using more revolutionary music as inspiration.  Tap dance is a great skill to have as a performer. 



Preschool dance teaches children ages 2-5 years  the elements of dance, introduces the basic technique of ballet, jazz, tap and acro. Preschool dance gives the young beginning dancer the ability to explore movement in a non-threatening environment. This class encourages children to develop motor skills, agility, coordination, and flexibility while building self confidence and social skills.  This class is specifically designed for this age group and uses imagery to engage and encourage students to continue learning dance technique.

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