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We inspire students to reach beyond their expectations to achieve the highest rewards.  Encouraging. Passionate. Innovative. Supportive. Community.  All words we believe are the heart of our dance program.  Words we instill in our staff, faculty, and students.  Be involved, don't miss an opportunity to be apart of something unforgettable!



Are you looking to take your dancing to the next level with one-on-one instruction with one of our Rockstar faculty?  Private lessons are for you!  Get  exclusive coaching customized just for you.  Private lessons are a great way to create massive momentum in your dance training.

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BDCS is your birthday party solution! Our all inclusive parties make it a breeze for you to enjoy your child's birthday party.  We have dancing, cake, arts & crafts, pizza, and of course more dancing!  Create a unique birthday experience with BDCS!

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Competitive Dance Teams

Looking for more intensive dance training?  Are you wanting to perform more during the year?  Are you a person that loves competition?  BDCS Company our competitive dance team is for you!  Get ready for your audition; they only happen once a year and the next one is in March of 2018!

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 Cultivating a Passion for Dance




A fantastic and fun way to learn all about dance!  Group lessons provide technical instruction, give  students the ability to be creative, and offer opportunities for developing amazing friendships along the way.  Classes are available for ages 2 years through adult.