Competitive Dance

​The world of competitive dance provides dancers with an immense amount of opportunities.  They are introduced hundreds of professionals within the dance industry annually.  Training is accelerated to maintain the performance and execution standards expected at competitive events. 

School Age Dance

We believe knowledge is power and  follow a dance syllabus to  provide our students with a logical progression of learning throughout their dance education.   Our focus is to improve confidence & self esteem.  We teach the invaluable lesson that with hard work, determination and dedication anything is possible.

Preschool Dance

Our preschool dance curriculum is specifically designed to encourage curiosity for movement, foster creativity and develop a core foundation in dance technique, all while building lasting friendships!  Watch your child flourish during dance in a nurturing environment where little personalities comes to life.

Ms. Alison

Contemporary/Theater Instructor

Ms. Hannah

Drama Instructor

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Mrs. Heather

BDCS Founder/Director

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Teen Dance

Teens face many challenges; academics, social and family.  Providing a space to be themselves, to be accepted & still learn important life skills is what we 're all about.    Classes are  technically challenging & instill critical thinking & problem solving skills that will carry them into their collegiate  careers.  

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We inspire students to reach beyond their expectations to achieve the highest rewards.  Encouraging. Passionate. Innovative. Supportive. Community.  All words we believe are the heart of our dance program.  Words we instill in our staff, faculty, and students.  Be involved, don't miss an opportunity to be apart of something unforgettable!

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Mrs. Jill

Tap Instructor

Adult Dance

 Dance is an excellent cardio and strength training  alternative fitness option for adults looking for a unique way to be more active.  A fantastic way to implement fitness and fun all in one place.   Leave class feeling energized, challenged and smiling .

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Mrs. Chelsea

Office Manager

Birthday Parties

Let BDCS design your next birthday celebration.  Pick your theme, colors, decor and cake, then sit back and enjoy while we do all the heavy lifting.  Parties are all inclusive with studio rental, party attendant, all decor, cake,  favors and dance celebration.

Mrs. Kaitlin

Preschool Program Director

Ms. Kirah

Voice Instructor

 Cultivating a Passion for Dance


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