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Summer Dance Intensives

Dancers Health rated Summer Dance Intensives as the number one way for dancers to stay in shape during the summer.  The main reasons dancers look to take summer dance intensives is to reduce the risk of injury when they start a regular regimin in the fall.

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We inspire students to reach beyond their expectations to achieve the highest rewards.  Encouraging. Passionate. Innovative. Supportive. Community.  All words we believe are the heart of our dance program.  Words we instill in our staff, faculty, and students.  Be involved, don't miss an opportunity to be apart of something unforgettable!

Summer Dance Workshops

Our evening Summer Dance Workshops are a great place to try a new dance style, jump into something you want to learn more about or for a student new to dance who wants to see what the dance buzz is  all about.  Discover Dance Today!

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Competitive Dance Program

For the first time ever, BDCS is opening our Company auditions to the public!  Are you interested in something more, better, stronger, and bigger than yourself?  Look no further. We are committed to student growth and development through strong technique, creativity, relationships and values.

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To Experience Our Dance Programs!

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Summer Dance


We know August can be a struggle to fill in the camp schedule.  Our weekly dance camps have a different theme each week to keep your dancer engaged and excited about what is coming next!  Book one, tow , or all three weeks to customize your Summer Adventure.​

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