Summer Dance Camp
Summer Dance Camp

BDCS’ week-long summer dance camp is designed for children aged 2-6 years and features daily themes that include Rock-n-Troll, Toy Roundup, Wiggle Wednesday, Bowtastic Dance Party, and Magical Unicorn Dance Party.

The camp is packed with fun activities such as dancing, singing, crafts, and games. Each day, children will participate in themed activities and create unique crafts related to the daily theme.

  • Monday– Rock-n-Troll
  • Tuesday– Toy Roundup
  • Wednesday– Wiggle Wednesday
  • Thursday– Bowtastic Dance Party
  • Friday– Magical Unicorn Dance Party

The camp will provide a safe and fun environment for children to express themselves through dance and song. Children will have the opportunity to develop their creativity, social skills, and physical coordination while having fun.

Camp meets daily from 9AM to 12:30PM Monday through Friday.  Campers have the option to select one or all five days to tailor their camp experience.  Customize your camp below!

Remember space is limited and camps do fill quickly!

Event Details

Aug 21st – Aug 25th

9:00 am – 12:30 pm

Daily Fee: $40/ Weekly Fee: $200

Monday – Friday

summer Dance Camp
Daily Camp Details and Registration
Day 1:  Rock-N-Troll
Monday, August 21st 9:00AM-12:30PM

Day one, Rock-n-Troll day, features energetic and upbeat music inspired by the movie Trolls that encourages kids to move and groove to the beat. They’ll learn simple dance routines and participate in singing activities.

One of the main highlights of the camp is creating instruments using recycled materials such as paper rolls, plastic bottles, and cardboard. It will offer a unique opportunity for children to learn about sustainability and environmental responsibility through the creation of their own musical instruments using recycled materials. Children will use their creativity to design and construct their own unique instruments, and then learn to play them during the dance sessions.

Overall, this camp will be a great way for young children to have fun, develop their motor skills, and explore their creativity through dance and music.

Day 2:  Toy Roundup
Tuesday, August 22nd 9:00AM-12:30PM

The Toy Roundup camp encourages creativity, physical coordination, and social interaction. The children will engage in dancing and singing, which will be accompanied by fun music related to the Toy Story movie. They will also create their own toy-themed crafts using materials like paper, glue, and crayons.

The camp will provide a safe and inclusive environment for children to express themselves and explore their creativity. It will also help children develop social skills and foster a sense of teamwork and cooperation as they participate in group activities.

Overall, the Toy Roundup dance camp offers a unique and engaging experience for children to have fun, learn new skills, and make new friends. It encourages children to explore their imaginations and have a blast doing it!

Day 3:  Wiggle Wednesday
Wednesday, August 23rd 9:00AM-12:30PM

Wiggle Wednesday dance camp focuses on promoting gross and fine motor skills through dancing, singing, and various crafts and games. The camp is divided into different activities, including dancing, singing, and crafting. Activities promote gross motor skills, including jumping, skipping, and hopping. Additionally, the songs will promote memory retention and language development. They will participate in crafting activities such as cutting, gluing, and drawing to help develop fine motor skills.

The games played during the camp will also promote gross motor skills. Children will engage in games such as Simon Says, Red Light/Green Light, and Freeze Dance.

Overall, the Wiggle Wednesday dance camp will provide children with a fun and interactive environment to develop their gross motor skills. The program will promote creativity, socialization, and self-expression through dancing, singing, and crafting.

Day 4:  Bowtastic Dance Party
Thursday, August 24th 9:00AM-12:30PM

Bowtastic dance party dance camp focuses on dancing, singing, and creating bow-themed crafts and games. Children will have the opportunity to learn and participate in various dance routines, with a focus on incorporating bows into the dance moves. They will also sing along to popular songs and engage in group games that promote physical activity and coordination.

In addition to dancing and singing, children will also engage in creating crafts with a bow-themed twist. They will have access to a range of materials to create their own unique bows, including ribbons, glitter, and other embellishments.

The camp provides a safe and fun environment for children to express themselves through dance and art. It offers an opportunity for children to develop their creativity, social skills, and physical coordination while having fun. Overall, the Bowtastic dance party dance camp is an exciting and engaging experience for young children who love to dance and be creative.

Day 5:  Magical Unicorn Dance Party
Friday, August 25th 9:00AM-12:30PM

The magical unicorn dance party dance camp includes dancing, singing, and creating themed crafts, and playing games. The camp is centered around the theme of unicorns, and children will participate in a range of fun activities, including learning unicorn-themed dances and songs. Throughout the camp, children will have the opportunity to create their own unicorn-themed crafts, including making unicorn horns, wands, and other magical accessories.

In addition to dancing and crafts, children will engage in singing and storytelling, exploring the magical world of unicorns. The camp provides a safe and fun environment for children to express themselves creatively and develop their social and physical skills.

Overall, the magical unicorn dance party dance camp is a fun and exciting way for children to engage with the theme of unicorns, learn new dances and songs, and develop their creativity and coordination.

summer Dance Camp

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