songwriting workshop

This songwriting workshop for ages 12 and up.  It focuses on developing the participant’s creativity and musical skills. The workshop starts with an introduction to the fundamentals of songwriting, including melody, harmony, rhythm, and lyrics. Additionally participants are given opportunities to practice writing their own songs, either individually or in small groups.

Also includes lessons on song structure and different songwriting techniques, such as using metaphors or storytelling. Participants are encouraged to experiment with different musical styles, from pop and rock to folk and jazz, in order to develop their own unique sound.

Overall, the goal of the songwriting workshop is to inspire creativity and help participants develop their musical abilities in a supportive and collaborative environment.

This party is for ages 12 years and UP.  Below are all the details!

Workshop Details:
  • Date:  March 18, 2023
  • Time:  1:15-2:15pm
  • Location:  BDCS- 1341 Sandy Hill Road, Norristown PA 19401
  • Price:  $25 for Standard Members & Guests
    • Free for VIP members (email to reserve your complimentary ticket)

Click the link below to book your spot today!  (Space is limited only 24 spots for this workshop!)

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Event Details

March 18, 2023


Fee: $25

1341 Sandy Hill Road, Norristown PA 19401

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