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Our passion is to prepare all students to engage Dance Art throughout their lives, to pursue advanced study in the art form, or to begin a career in dance.  Bowman Dance Company & School is an open forum designed to collaborate and create, teach and encourage, invite and dance.



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Mrs. Heather

We inspire students to reach beyond their expectations to achieve the highest rewards.  Encouraging. Passionate. Innovative. Supportive. Community.  All words we believe are the heart of our dance program.  Words we instill in our staff, faculty, and students.  Be involved, don't miss an opportunity to be apart of something unforgettable!

Bowman Dance Company & School is committed to developing a passion for dance in every student, providing opportunities to develop motivation, self discipline, intellectual curiosity, and creative imagination. These concepts are essential not only for a successful career but also for experiencing a fulfilling life. BDCS offers a wide variety of Dance Art technique training based on a solid foundation for performance and choreography. We believe that a rich diversity of dance disciplines, techniques and technologies combined with an array of production opportunities and personalized mentoring by our entire faculty enriches the education of every student.

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Our journey started back in 1980, when my mother brought me to my very first dance class.  Who knew at the ripe age of two and a half it would be such an adventure? I will be forever thankful for the patience of my mother and my first teacher who encouraged the screaming child to see that dance class was a fun place to be. It was a blessing in disguise.  If either one of them would have given up,  I would not have realized the passion resonating for the art of dance that I have.  The biggest impact on my dance career was when I lived in Germany.  Frau Stanascu taught me the love of ballet -- the passion, the stories, the beauty and grace.  It formed my technique and made me realize dance was something that would be core of my life.  During my junior year of high school, I had my first trip to New York City. While there, my performance bone was hit.  I realized I had a passion for productions and I wanted to know everything, from inception to opening night.  I knew at that moment, watching CATS, the direction my life would take.   I found my home in Philadelphia at the University of the Arts.   At U of Arts, I was provided the avenue to drive my passion and learned about story writing, scene development, scripts, lighting, blocking, rehearsals, choreography, costuming, scores and music.  My dream was to perform and when my dream became a reality I felt that I had made it.  The concert stage was miraculous.  My favorite time in the theater was to be on stage before it opened for seating.  Warming up looking at the empty seats, with the cool air and the background noise of the tech crew backstage, in full makeup and hair with my warm up gear on was unforgettable.  I knew these experiences would never have happened if it were not for that very first dance teacher.  Her patience, guidance, encouragement, understanding and unforgettable impact molded my journey in life.  Looking back on the journey I realized my calling in life -- to create a space to encourage growth, develop passion, innovate creativity, support individuality, and provide a community where dancers felt safe to explore the art of dance.  That is when BDCS was founded.   It is truly the honor of my lifetime to give students the opportunity to find and discover their own journeys. 

Your "Get It Right The First Time" Guide